The Parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom

To Follow and Worship Jesus, Sharing His Love

Events in and around the parish

You might also want to look at the All Souls page for details of local events in Pratts Bottom

Dates for this month

Sunday 2nd 4.00pm Young People’s Home Group at All Souls
Wednesday 12th 7.30pm Prayer Group in St. Mary’s
Saturday 22nd 2.30pm Film Club at St. Mary’s
Tuesday 25th—Friday 28th  9.30am– 12.30pm
Wednesday 26th 10am—12 pm Evergreens at St. Mary’s
 7.30pm Prayer Group in St. Mary’s

Please note that the Parish Office will be closed from Thursday 20th July for the summer holidays — however, Claire will be in the office on Monday 7th, 14th 21st August and Tuesday 29th August for urgent business.  The office will re-open on Monday 4th September at 9am..

Other events this monthShowstoppers poster

Application forms are available at the back of St. Mary’s and All Souls


Regular Events

10am Discoverers (Sunday School)
at St. Mary’s

10.30am Knit and Natter at 65 Glentrammon Road (monthly)
7.30pm Home Group (fortnightly)
8pm Home Group (fortnightly)
Bereavement Group at St. Mary’s (monthly)
7.30pm Home Group (fortnightly)
10am Evergreens at St. Mary’s (monthly)
2.30pm Home Group (fortnightly)
2.45pm Cameo at Pratts Bottom (monthly)
7.30pm St. Mary’s Prayer Group (fortnightly)
7.30pm Home Group (fortnightly)
10am Home Group (fortnightly)
10.45am Pop-in at the Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom (weekly)
1.15pm Sparks Parent and Toddler group at St. Mary’s (weekly)
5pm Rainbows at St. Mary’s (weekly)
6.15pm Brownies at St. Mary’s (weekly)
7.30pm YFocus youth group at St. Mary’s (weekly)
11am Men’s Coffee Mornings at 124 Warren Road (monthly)
5.45pm Explore youth group at St. Mary’s (weekly)
7.15pm Guides at St. Mary’s (weekly)
2.30pm Film Club (monthly)
For more information about activities, please contact the Parish Office

Pilgrim—From January 2016
Pilgrim is a new teaching and discipleship course from the Church of England that explores what it means to travel through life with Jesus Christ. This is a course of participation which encourages the practice of biblical reflection and prayer, exploring key texts that have help people since the early Church.
From January 2016, at 10am on the first Sunday of each month at St. Mary’s, whilst the Ablaze service on in in church, we will study this course in the Ede Lounge