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The parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom has two churches - St Mary's in Green Street Green and All Souls in Pratts Bottom.


Karl Carpani

Rev Karl Carpani

Rev. Karl Carpani
The Vicarage,  46 Worlds End Lane
Green Street Green  BR6 6AG
01689 852905

email karl@smasch.org

(not available Fridays)


Ruthe Murfitt

Rev. Ruth Murfitt 
9 Ringwood Avenue,
Pratts Bottom, Orpington,
01689 860506

email ruth@smasch.org

We are delighted to announce that from November 2016 Rev. Ruth Murfitt joined us as Associate Vicar

Ruth writes to us:

Ruth and John Murfitt Associate Vicar Green Street Green with Pratts Bottom

John and I were married in 1970 in Leicestershire where I was born [John is a Yorkshire man] I was a student nurse and John a recently qualified school teacher. For 46 years we have supported each other with our careers and Christian life. Our four sons were born between 1971 and 1980. In 1977 we moved to rural Kent because of jobs and joined a local free evangelical church and soon my teacher husband was invited to become the lay-minister of the congregational church in a small country Kentish town. We moved into the Manse with our four boys and we soon became active encouraging the small congregation and introducing children’s and youth work. We moved in 1989 to Biggin Hill, John now a head teacher in London and had left the layministry I ventured into the local Anglican church and to my astonishment despite all my previous ‘busy’ Christian and church life, I knew that I had finally arrived home! The Anglican service was where I was comfortable and I longed to be there all the time. It was also a church where I was amazed to find women preaching and in leadership. This was where I wanted to be with all my heart. So we eventually moved to St Mark’s. My vicar at the time [Rev Chris Kitchener], discussed ordination with me but I said no to ordination. I was only just getting used to seeing women leading from the front, and wondered how I could ever reach those heights. I wasn’t clever enough; I was too busy with a full time job which I loved in Social services. The reasons came thick and fast. I spent time in prayer and eventually was selected for Reader ministry training. I was licensed as a Reader in Rochester Cathedral in October 2003

I still had that feeling of being incomplete, especially when taking part in the Eucharist. I longed to offer a sacramental ministry to the people I served in my parish. I believe that God was still laying the foundations for what is now happening today as part of the Murfitt Spiritual Journey.

In 2001-2005 we were visiting family regularly in Cornwall, always staying in the same village and therefore attending the same church in a United Benefice. I was surprised to see the priest taking one service after another each Sunday morning with no-one trained to assist him. I came from a church with a competent and large staff, both lay and ordained. I was advised by local clergy there to think seriously about ordination again. My husband and I both knew without any doubt that God was calling us to Cornwall. Soon after this my husband was offered early retirement and we were then certain where God wanted us.

In 2006 we moved to Cornwall, the local parish church was in interregnum when we arrived in Cornwall in August 2006, so immediately I ‘hit the deck running’ as far as ministry was concerned and I was re-licensed as a Reader in Truro cathedral in October 2006. I was again encouraged me to go forward for ordination. After training I was ordained in Truro Cathedral in 2009 served my curacy in this typical Cornish seaside benefice and followed by priest-in-Charge in a mid Cornish village called Roche until my move to return to Kent and serve alongside you.

Each one of our beloved sons now have their own family life and live locally here in Kent, apart from Number 3 son and his family who are serving God fulltime on the River Amazon in Brazil.

As a young child, a rebellious teenager, a student, a wife and mother of four boys, as a grandmother [a young grandmother!] My God has always been a very real and precious friend and Saviour. I long to share this life with you.

See you in November!

It takes a lot of work to keep the parish operating. Here are some of the key players but there are many more. To contact any of these people call the Parish Office on 01689852905    or click here to  email the parish office  

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