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REv Susan Atkinson Jones

It is currently Holy Week and

unfortunately I am missing Holy Week in the Benefice as I have COVID.

My thanks go to Rev Michael and all those who have stepped in to cover the

services in our churches.

During Lent we ran the York Courses Caring for Creation course. It may not have been the course we originally intended to run but it certainly provided an opportunity for us to stop and take time to consider our thoughts on being human and being Christians in God’s

created world.

Now one thing that always stands out for me from the many children’s clubs I’ve been

involved with is that children (and the young at heart) love stories about animals from the

Bible, particularly the story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis chapter 7). There are several points that could be made from this story but children always discern the message that God cares for all of creation; he cares for their budgies, rabbits, cats, dogs etc.

Now if God cares for all of our animals, shouldn’t we? There are too many of our animals in danger of extinction. Animals like the Black Rhino or the Sunda Tiger may soon no longer be with us on this planet. Equally, too many animals are being mistreated and abandoned.

Of course, it’s not just animals, the rest of creation is being abused too. Pollution levels are high, thousands of acres of forest are being destroyed every hour and Climate change

threatens every part of our world.

We are all a part of God’s creation, and as Christians we have a role to play; we are

responsible for caring for it. There are numerous ways in which we can express our care individually and collectively, and there are many organisations that exist in order to raise

awareness and bring relief for all created life.

Essentially, God’s love is at the heart of creation, just as God’s love is at the heart of Easter.

God sent his Son, into the world to die on a cross for the sin of that world; for our sin. Then three days later Christ rose again; he amazed his disciples by reappearing to them in

physical form. Yet all too soon (from their point of view) he was to leave them again as he

ascended into heaven, leaving them with his promise to send the Holy Spirit to fill them with

power as they spread abroad to proclaim his message of salvation.

This month we will be celebrating Christ’s ascension, the crowning of his Easter victory over sin and death. In his letter to the Ephesians (chapter 1 verses 17 to 23) Paul describes the meaning of the ascension. He says that God raised Christ above all earthly powers, and made him, not only head of the Church, but Lord of creation.

So, as we contemplate Christ’s ascension from earth into heaven we are encouraged to

focus our own thoughts not on our own selfish and materialistic desires in this world but on

the welfare of all and the promise of eternal life.

God has shown his love for the whole of creation, Jesus is declared our ascended Lord, so let us too remember to demonstrate our love and respect for the world in which we live.

Rev Susan

Latest COVID Measures for the Parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom


With the latest decision of the Government to remove all remaining coronavirus legislation but promote personal responsibility to protect others and yourself. And with the public health advice for people with Covid to still self-isolate to prevent others catching it. We will be maintaining most of our current procedures in our churches though these will be reviewed every two to three weeks. However, we will
no longer be recording details of those attending services. Please do enjoy the opportunities afforded by the removal of legal restrictions but also continue to look after yourselves and others as is our Christian calling.

“Within the Church we believe that everyone is known and loved individually by God and that as many members within one body we are called to be responsible to and for one another, respecting the more vulnerable whose suffering is our suffering (1 Cor 12:12-27).”

With this the responsibility for making decisions on how to proceed remains with the incumbent. This applies to acts of worship, to events run by the PCC or church community, and to decisions on whether to hire out spaces or allow other events to proceed.

• Our current procedures will continue regarding Holy Communion, the Peace

• Although now not a legal requirement face coverings for all apart from the medically exempt is requested and strongly recommended in line with the Church of England’s statement about crowded/enclosed settings, particularly where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

• Singing will continue by choir and the congregation but the choir may remove their face coverings to do so.

• The serving of refreshments after services will recommence but please consider wearing your face covering if you are just talking and not eating & drinking.

We hope to be able to move forward in a considered manner as the incidence of the virus decreases. Let us pray that our position will be more like ‘normality’ by Easter.

Please also continue to pray for those working in the NHS and all suffering as a result of the virus.

Rev Susan

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