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Lent Course 2023

This year we are once more delighted to be able to offer the opportunity to join together for a Lent course.

We will be following The Mystery of Everything, by Hilary Brand, the author of Finding a Voice, the course we ran in the autumn.

The course is based on the Oscar-winning film The Theory of Everything. It deals with struggles of reason versus faith, the romantic versus the pragmatic, success and failure, the complications of relationships under pressure, and seeking understanding versus living with mystery. 

Daily readings present the Bible as a book struggling to make sense of life, rather than a book of absolute answers, but finding meaning in the face of mystery via the paradox of humility and trust before God. 

The course is designed to be studied alongside the DVD of the movie. We will run it over 6 weeks commencing Tuesday 28 February at St Mary’s (normally 7.30 to 9.00pm) and Wednesday 1 March at St Martin’s (normally 10.30am to 12.00pm). Please note that the first week at each church we will be showing the film which will mean that the sessions on 28 Feb & 1 March will be longer at approx. 2 hours and 15 min.

All are welcome but for planning purposes we need to have a clear idea of numbers. Every person will need access to the course booklet which can be purchased as a Kindle Edition or in Paperback (£2.99-£5.79)

Once we know who is interested, we will send further details and assist in buying the booklets if necessary.

Therefore, please email the benefice office indicating which session you would be attending (ie Tuesday or Wednesday), though it will be possible to switch once we have started.

We look forward to sharing together in this way. Rev Susan


Thursday 2nd March
14.00-16.00 -
Chronic Pain Meeting in the Ede Lounge with Mary Hughes

Friday 3rd March
10.30 -
World Day of Prayer Service at St Mary’s Wednesday 8th March 20.00 - Churches Together AGM and Vision Meeting at Holy Innocents

Saturday 18th March
16.00-18.00 -
Messy Church at St Mary’s Church Hall

Sunday 19th March
09.30 -
Mothering Sunday Parade, service and refreshments at St Mary’s

Maundy Thursday 6th April
Benefice Service at St Martin’s at 20.00

Good Friday 7th April
Devotional Service at St Mary’s at 10.00 and a Liturgy Service at St Martins at 14.00

Easter Eve 8th April
Benefice Service at St Martins at 20.00

Easter Sunday 9th April
Holy Communion at St Mary’s at 9.30,
at All Souls at 11.00
and a Parish Holy Communion at St Martin’s at 10.00

Tuesday 11th April
11.00-12.30 -
Benefice Coffee Morning St Mary’s Church Hall. All Welcome Collection for CAP.

Saturday 22nd April
14.30 -
All Souls Afternoon Easter Tea with Bring and Buy and Farmers Market

Advance Notice Dates:

Sunday 7th May - 
9.30am Coronation Ablaze

Saturday 13th May
12.00-16.00 -
Pratts Bottom May Fete PB Green

Saturday 28th May -
Summer Fair and hog roast at St Mary’s

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June -
130th Anniversary celebrations, Well Hill Church