The Parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom

To Follow and Worship Jesus, Sharing His Love

Who’s Who

Rev Ruth Murfitt

Rev. Ruth Murfitt 

Priest In Charge

9 Ringwood Avenue, Pratts Bottom, Orpington, BR6 7RY

01689 860506

(Not available Fridays)

It takes a lot of work to keep the parish operating. Here are some of the key players but there are many more. To contact any of these people call the Parish Office on 01689852905    or email the parish office

Parish Administrator


Suzanne Diamond



Gillian Garman
Richard Jones
Karen Harcombe
Phillip Southby
Leslie Jackson 

Street Pastors


Helen Coomber



Deputy Churchwardens


Brenda Johnson
Judith Simmonds

Elaine Wanostroct

Helen Spence

Phillip Southby

Marian Scutt

P.C.C. Secretary


Helen Jackson

P.C.C Treasurer


Michael Holmes

Planned Giving


Barbara Jones



Graham Winter (St Mary's)
Wendy Hague (All Souls’)

Flower Guild 

St Mary's Pre-School (Private Organisation)


Jocelyn Wright (St. Mary’s)
Marian Scutt (All Souls’) 

Mrs Wendy Parkins (Contact Afternoons only) 01689862841