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Latest News From The Parish

Here is a quick round up of some of the latest news. You can find more details elsewhere on the site.

Easter Message from Reverend Ruth:
Dear friends
Do you ever really miss someone? Maybe distance separates you from your family, the Murfitt family live in different parts of the country and even the world.
We have just celebrated Mothering Sunday and I know there are some who really miss their mothers or their children for many differing reasons. there are times when a celebration may mean memories with heartaches. When I really miss my family I begin to feel down and I start to feel sorry for myself. And that is one of the reasons I am retiring at the end of July on my 71
st birthday. I miss my grandchildren, not being able to celebrate their birthdays, I miss my children and their energy and anniversaries … oh, it can go on and on, you know what
I mean!

There is always seems to be someone I am missing or have to say goodbye to. I then tell God how I feel [as if He doesn’t already know!] but it helps to talk. It is then I know that He does understand, because He is always missing someone.

All those people His Son Jesus, died for who choose not to come to Him. He really shares my missing someone, He understands. Personal pain and suffering can almost drown us and it is in these times we need to keep talking to Him.

…. There is a story of a little girl who was travelling in a railway carriage, The train was full and the little girl chattered merrily to some of the other passengers. She was a friendly child and soon began to run happily from one passenger in the carriage to the other, chattering and laughing, soon the passengers wondered who she really belonged to! First she sat on a grandmotherly knee, then she played with two other children at the other end of the carriage. From there she chattered to a young honeymoon couple, it was hard to tell who her parents
were. Suddenly the train entered a tunnel. The whistle blew and darkness rushed past the windows. The small girl gave a little scream and dashed into the arms of a young man sitting quietly in the corner, The mystery was solved, there was no question who she belonged to. She was safe in her daddy’s arms.
“ Lord, help me, strengthen me; Make me strong when I am weak, and brave when I am hurting. Toughen me
tenderly; for your sake. Amen”
God bless you this Easter-tide and especially as we move into the busy holiday season. Please try not to be too
busy, talk to Him.

Message from our Treasurer, Michael Holmes: Barclays have removed our community account status, due to the number and value of transactions processed, this resulted in £50+ charges per month. With effect from 29th March our new main bank is at Metro bank details Sort Code 23-05-80 Account Number 32788361

Please note that the Parish Office will be closed for the Easter Holidays from
Monday 8th April - Tuesday 23rd April inclusive.

Electoral Roll Renewal 2019
2019 is the year when the electoral roll is completely renewed - everyone comes off and has to reapply to be included on the electoral roll declared at the APCM. Application forms will be available at the back of church from Sunday March 17th to be returned to myself or the Parish Office by midnight Sunday March 31st. The GDPR Consent form is on the back of the electoral roll form should you wish to continue to be contacted by the Parish.
Thank you, Colin Mason, Electoral Roll Officer.

New Card machine for the Parish - we have now ‘gone technical’ and have a brand new card machine located in the Parish Office. It is now possible to pay for any events, tickets, collection donations, hall bookings, service fees etc with your debit or credit cards (except AMEX). Please see Suzanne in the week or Judith on a Sunday.