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Here is a quick round up of some of the latest news. You can find more details elsewhere on the site.

To My Beloved Church Families of Green Street Green, Pratts Bottom and Chelsfield
I am the Vicar
I am the vicar I am, the priest, Carer, listener. The one who makes time to drop everything.
I must understand politics, immigration, Afghanistan, speed humps, graffiti, litter, school assemblies, parents & toddlers, budgets and can we afford to buy more drawing pins?
I listen and empathise all at the same time, I pretend I understand the church heating system and computers, I’m the one who attempts to plan strategies.
I also know about quiet reflective prayer, I am the speaker, enthuser, motivator, teacher.
I must engage a room of 2, 10, 50, 300 people. I must relate well to children, older people, middle-aged, jobless, employed, doctors, teenagers and must always be one step ahead.
I’m endearingly disorganised but must be passionate about diocesan policies, domestic abuse, the plight of Anglo Catholics, women priests, gay clergy, evangelicals, I listen and learn from the Archbishop, the Pope and Billy Graham.
I try to be up to date with theological developments, the armed forces, wars, the government, the deanery, Jewish background of Jesus,
I care about the excluded and must also be able to access children services and manage my admin!
I’m the one who in whom trust is given, to whom grumbles are placed, I talk to everyone, I’m
she who must model worship, marriage, family, gardening, baking, prayer, planning.
Whoops! But I often get it wrong.
I’m the one who must keep my doubts hidden, who is vulnerable, dependable, stable, trustworthy, chairs meetings, manages group discussions, listen to stories of bus routes, and hospital visits,
I’m the one who hates wearing dresses and still smiles when my feet are aching through standing for two hours and has no time for breakfast or evening meal.
I’m the one who only works on a Sunday!

I’m the one who loves this job, who is making it up as I go along each day, because one day years ago God trusted me and called me to care deeply for each one of you precious persons and beloved member of my church family.
I am honoured and I wouldn’t swop with anyone for anything even though it is time to officially
retire! Thank you for letting me stay awhile. Goodbye for now. But ……


With love and prayers
Ruth [Rev Ruth Murfitt] Summer 2019
(Seriously Adapted & personalised from a poem by Rev Lucy Winkett

St Martin’s Memory Café

During 2016 Diocese ran a number of events designed to introduce parish representatives to the field of ministering to people living with dementia. Following discussion with the Rector and PCC it was agreed that Jackie McCann would lead a team from St Martin’s to establish a Dementia Café (later renamed).

Significant support and guidance was provided by the Diocesan Dementia officer, Julia Burton-Jones, and by the Bromley Dementia Hub.

The aim of the Memory Café is to provide a safe, friendly place where those living with dementia can have a relaxing social time together and their carers can relax in the company of those in a similar situation.

A typical afternoon sees it prepare a number of activities that can be undertaken.  They include table quizzes, craft work, some ‘sing-along’ music and materials to  support the day’s theme.

Tea and cake is served in amazing quantities and a constant buzz of conversation fills the room.

The afternoon is closed with a short act of Worship; a hymn, a prayer and a few words from the Rector, which all present seem to enjoy.

Jackie McCann

Visit of Rev Shahzad Gill, 

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop's Chaplain from the Diocese of Raiwind, church of Pakistan for two weeks. We arranged a programme for him with three things in mind: Immersion in parish life, wider experience of the Anglican Church and broader educational and cultural visits. 

He took part in services, visited ICare, Foxbridge House, Memory Cafe, went to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament as well as many other events.

The Diocese of Raiwind paid for his international travel and we were  responsible for his expenses whilst with us here in Orpington. It was a tremendous team effort to deliver his programme and thank you to everyone who who played their part. Thanks for your hospitality and generosity. With God's help we seek to develop this relationship through prayer, mutual encouragement and exchange. Rev Shahzad expressed his deep appreciation for all the love he received and we pray for him now as he returns to his family, his diocese and his demanding ministry.

'God reigns over the nations' Psalm 47.                           Richard Jones