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Holy Baptism

Many people come to us to ask for their child to be Christened, what they are actually asking for is one of the most significant outward and visible signs of a new relationship with God. It is a beautiful expression of faith that a person can make a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord in this way. We call this demonstration of faith Baptism.

Baptism is an occasion where the parents of a child on behalf of their child, or an older person speaks for themselves and makes a public commitment as a Christian and declares their faith and their membership to the Church which is the gathering of God's people.

We take Baptism very seriously as being the first step a person takes on their journey of faith. Baptism is never private. The responsibility to the baptised person is never just the responsibility of Godparents. As God's Church we share responsibility with parent's and Godparents by making promises to God that we will dedicate ourselves to the spiritual development of the child or person in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the way of life he demonstrated as being the way for all Christians to live.

We therefore are careful that all candidates for Baptism and their parents and Godparents receive proper instruction in the Christian faith and what is expected of them by God. Is a requirement of Canon Law that Godparents should be themselves Baptised and Confirmed, however Confirmation can be waived in certain circumstances. Please make sure you are aware of this requirement before inviting people to be Godparents. Godparents should be over sixteen in age and it is normal to have two the same sex as the child and one from the opposite sex.

Some people feel they are unable to make this commitment but still want to come into the presence of God to give thanks for the life of a new born child. In this case we would join with a family in offering a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of their Child.

Whether you wish to explore the possibility of Baptism of a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child you will need to have a meeting with one of the Clergy to explore the options and what is involved. Contact the Parish Office

Apply for a Baptism Online

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