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February 2021

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Oxtrad Newsletter Jan - Apr 2020: "Stretching Forward to What Lies Ahead"

Oxtrad Frontiers In Medical Service Consultation Report: Hamdan Plaza Hotel, Salalah, Oman

Monday 17th – Friday 21st February 2020

Five Talents - Coronavirus News

The pandemic is seriously affecting the savings groups.

As you'll hear, most savings groups are no longer meeting as the government has banned gatherings and churches (where groups normally meet) are closed. And as travel is discouraged, Cynthia and her team are no longer visiting the groups at present. 

While Groups may not be able to continue meeting normally, this does not mean our programmes have come to a complete halt. Some of our programmes are finding innovative ways to keep saving (eg they come one by one to the treasurer's home to deposit savings, or they use mobile money). We always see our role as equipping groups to self-manage so I guess this is part of that journey. But as Cynthia points out, it is harder to save when businesses are suspended.   

We have urged Cynthia and team to make sure they are putting health and wellbeing of all the communities first, and we have also guaranteed to pay trainer salaries throughout Q2, even if they can't carry out their usual training duties and meet their targets.


Read Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's latest Oxtrad News Letter 

Please pray, specially, for the consultation on Frontiers in Medical Service in February. Pray for visas for the participants and for funds to provide bursaries for those who cannot afford the whole cost of the Consultation, approximately £1,000 per person. We are still short of approximately £6,000. Richard Jones will be travelling with Bishop Michael and working as consultation administrator. Over 45 delegates will attend covering mental health and special needs, palliative care, chaplaincies, community health, governance and medical and nursing education.



A group will be visiting Butere Diocese in western Kenya. This is an exciting opportunity to meet people in their communities not so much as tourists but as learners. The aim of these visits is to learn from these communities

and our partners - it’s not so much ‘Go & Give’, more ‘Learn & Return’.


Please speak to Karen Harcombe or Helen Coomber for further details.

In October 2020 a team will visit our partner diocese in Kenya with Five Talents. This will be a great opportunity to meet the clients who have joined the savings and loans co-operatives launched by the Diocese of Butere. 

We have been supporting this ministry prayerfully and financially building on Karen and Helen's visit to Kenya and Peterson Karanja's visit to us. This is a 'learn and return' visit. You will be well looked after, stay in quite acceptable accommodation and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

We have a whole year to think, pray and plan and now is the time to make initial enquiries without obligation. If, for any reason, you feel this is not for you, you can still pray that God will call some to join this team from our church and other supporting churches. For further details please speak to Helen or Karen.

Jesus said, 'Go and make disciples of all nations'.

Richard Jones, Director of Global Vision

Five Talents:

November 2019

Download the ANNUAL GIVING GROUP REPORT from our companion dioceses of Butere Kenya.

January 2019

Five Talents Kenya and Five Talents UK are finalising the five year budget for the programme and working on the governance structure with all the Bishops involved, but meanwhile Cynthia and Leah are full steam ahead forming new Trust Groups - see the attached photos! 

Five Talents photoFive Talents photoFive Talents photo

These show the training of the new Trust Group leaders, helping groups open bank accounts and raising awareness of the programme in the region

Launch ceremony October 2018

 five talents launch ceremony

The Bishop and Chair signed an initial Grant Agreement with Five Talents (September 2018) and Five Talents has sent their first ever grant  funding to pay the salaries of Cynthia and Leah, the new staff who have been appointed to run the programme. Thank you for making this possible! 

Year 1 of the five year programme will begin on 1 January 2019 so this is a 'bridging grant' to help with some of the initial set up and training. 

Leah and Cynthia are already in post and will be having their first Skype call with Five talents (5T) Programme Manager, Hannah, next week, once they have bought a laptop. 

As part of our support for this new link we hope to arrange exchange visits and you could be part of a visit possibly in 2020!We will also aim to pray regularly for our link diocese

Bishop Tim Wambunya

Bishop Tim Wambunya,  Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Butere Diocese.  This is the visionary leader that Five Talents is now working with in Western Kenya.

He has been educated in England and has worked in London.  He had a distinguished career in the Navy and in engineering before joining the ministry.  He is keen to see a Five Talents programme flourish in the Diocese of Butere.  He has committed to give free office space and his personal support to the programme.   In the areas Karen and Helen visited in March they witnessed how key the Bishop’s support is to the success of a Five Talents project. Five Talents aims to give financial services, literacy and business skills to over 2,500 households in Butere over the next 5 years

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