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The Parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom


Are you ready to take on the commitment required from being a Baptised Christian or the parent of a child who is, or ,do you feel a ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ would be more appropriate? If you are not sure about this, please have a further word with the Clergy.

To be Baptised at St Mary’s or All Souls church’s,  it is expected that you are in regular attendance at either church, no less than twice per month. Please note that the Clergy reserve the right to withhold from setting a date for Baptism in order to fully prepare Parents and Godparents for the responsibilities they hold.

 If you live outside the Parish you will need to obtain the permission of your Parish Priest before you can have Baptism in the Parish of Green Street Green and Pratts Bottom to do this you will need to download the Baptism Form and take it to your Parish Priest to be signed.. If you are unsure please click on the following link to establish which Parish you live in. Parish Guide

Please fill in all the details as far as possible.


 I would like to make an application for:

     Baptism in the Church of England                          

     Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child         

I would like the service to take place at:

     St Mary's Church Green Street Green                     

     All Souls Church  Pratts Bottom                               

 Date of Baptism

 The date of a baptism is a decision made by  the Vicar or Associate Vicar.  They are happy to discuss options with you so please indicate your prefered dates below. However, please be aware that you may not be able to have the dates requested.

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 Candidates Details

 Full Name of person to be Baptised               

 Date of Birth                                                     


 Parents Details

 Fathers Full Name                        

Fathers Occupation                       

Has the Father been :                   Baptised   Confirmed

Mothers Full Name                        

Mothers Occupation                      

Has the Mother been :                   Baptised  Confirmed  

 Address Details


Post Code                                

Phone Number Home              

Phone Number Work               




It is usual to have three godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex, but to have one godfather and one godmother is sufficient. Parents may be godparents to their own children, provided that the child has at least one godparent. Church law requires that godparents should be over the age of 16 years, baptised and confirmed, but the requirement of confirmation can be relaxed in certain cases. Parents who are not themselves baptised should make a decision to be baptised, otherwise they will not be able to make the vows on behalf of their child. Please speak to the Clergy if this is the case.

Please use the boxes below to give us information about your proposed Godparents.

 Full Name                                    Age 

        Baptised     Confirmed

        Baptised     Confirmed

        Baptised     Confirmed

 Invited Guests

 Please give us an estimate of the number of people you expect to attend the service